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Announcement of the Effect of Ginseng and Red Ginseng for Blood Pressure Improvement and Memory Improvement

SEOUL, South Korea

The Korean Society of Ginseng (chaired by Lee Man-hui) said that the 13th International Symposium on Ginseng took place from the 25th to the 28th at Lotte Hotel Seoul.

Korean Society of Ginseng

During the symposium, researchers revealed their eye-catching findings in studies on immunity and blood circulation improvement such as immunity against the infection of COVID 19 and enhances immunity with time (professor Seo Sang-hee’s team from Chungnam National University, South Korea) and the balance of blood pressure, contributing to the health of the cardiovascular system (professor Muhammad Irfan’s team from University of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.).

Professor Vuksan’s team from Canada verifies that ginseng improves blood pressure of patients with high blood pressure and diabetes, and safe for consumption by the patients[1]

Professor Vuksan’s team conducted a clinical test on 80 patients with Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure for 12 weeks, and found the center systolic blood pressure significantly reduced in the group administered with Korean red ginseng and American ginseng in parallel after 12 weeks (reduction by 3.98±2 mmHg,p=0.04). Accordingly, it confirmed ginseng can improve the center systolic blood pressure of diabetic patients when administered auxiliary, apart from medication, without directly affecting the function of blood vessels.

Professor Seikwan Oh’s team from College of Medicine, Ehwa Women’s University verifies that red ginseng improves memory loss and learning ability

Professor Seikwan Oh’s team (joint researcher: Bombi Lee from College of Oriental Medicine, Kyunghee University) conducted a passive avoidance test and Morris water maze test on 48 rats six to eight weeks old, divided in six groups, to verify their learning and spatial cognition abilities after giving a constant one-time stress and injecting red ginseng extract 20, 50, 100mg/kg/1day for 14 days. The results showed the red ginseng-injected group showed no increase in NF-kB, which increased and caused inflammation in the hippocampus of stressed group, and the generation of mRNA, which is the growth factor of deteriorated cranial nerves, was recovered by 252.51% after injection of red ginseng (p< 0.05). [1]Vladimir Vuksan, Elena Jovanovski, et al., Vascular effects of combined enriched Korean Red ginseng (Panax Ginseng) and American ginseng (Panax Quinquefolius) administration in individuals with hypertension and type 2 diabetes: A randomized controlled trial, Complementary Therapies in Medicine 49 (2020) 102338 source: The Korean Society of Ginseng