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Annual global expo empowers northern Chinese province Hebei’s digital economy


China International Digital Economy Expo 2022 is scheduled to be held in Shijiazhuang, capital city of north China’s Hebei Province in mid-November. This conference will provide exhibitors with a high-standard and high-level exhibition platform and full chain services such as achievements display, new launches, networking and matchmaking, forum speeches, media publicity and booth services, according to the Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province.

In recent years, Hebei has taken China International Digital Economy Expo as an important platform to promote digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, facilitating the deep integration of digital economy and real economy, and promoting the steady and high-quality development of economy.

The expo was held in Shijiazhuang in October 2019 and September 2021 respectively, which brought new impetus to digital economy, exhibition economy and related industries in Hebei.

At last year’s expo, more than 180 projects were signed with a total investment of more than 120 billion yuan. The investment enthusiasm of market players inspired people’s imagination of the digital economy’s growth potential. Many industry experts held dialogues over 30 events held in three days, generating new ideas that refreshed people’s understanding of the digital economy’s development.

The China International Digital Economy Expo has provided strong impetus for the rapid and high-quality development of Hebei’s digital economy.

In 2020, Hebei’s industrial digitalization index ranked 10th in the country, with enterprises in steel, automobile, petrochemical and other fields rushing onto the road of digital transformation.

The province’s industrial Internet helped drive its economic growth index to reach 73.5 in 2020, much higher than the national average of 48.8. The application rate of industrial cloud-computing platforms increased by 10.5 percent, and the cloud-computing rate of enterprise industrial equipment was 15.94 percent, ranking second in the country.

Source: Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province