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Another World-Class Landmark in Tainan, Taiwan

TAINAN, Taiwan
Kengo Kuma has revealed his latest collaboration with Cing Jing Lin Group to construct a prominent residential tower "Barclay Park" in Taiwan

– Cing Jing Lin Group and Swan Development work with architect Kengo Kuma to create Tainan’s first aesthetic residential landmark

World-famous architect Kengo Kuma has been selected for another impressive residential project in Tainan, Taiwan. His firm Kengo Kuma & Associate (KKAA) will partner with leading Taiwan-based developers, Cing Jing Lin Group and Swan Development, to design a multi-family residence in Tainan’s new redevelopment area, making it a woodland landmark where a striking interplay of light and shadow can be felt. Kengo Kuma has been named one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time Magazine. Inspired by his expertise in negative architecture and interaction with nature, Kengo Kuma’s aspiration is to not only create a forest-oriented environment but also to evoke a sense of community living among trees, while serving as a new international aesthetic residential landmark in Tainan.

With 30 years of experience in real estate services in Taiwan, Cing Jing Lin Group and Swan Development have been looking for new and innovative ways to pursue excellence in architectural design. Cing Jing Lin Chairman Lin Zong-Lin said, “Tainan is the ancient capital of Taiwan with a rich cultural and historical legacy. A building in the city typically endures for 50 to 80 years. Our goal is to leave Tainan and Taiwan with a classical home that may be passed down to future generations. That is why we invited KKAA, whose architectural work can be found in 30 countries, to join forces with us. In contrast to KKAA’s prior projects, most of which are public buildings, hotels, and commercial facilities, this is a unique opportunity to commission Kengo Kuma to design a multi-family dwelling in the hopes that people in Taiwan will also have the chance to live in a work of art. The collaboration with Kengo Kuma and his international architectural firm will allow the Japanese team to show their meticulous attention and ingenuity in the use of materials, from the facade of the building to the interior design of the public spaces, demonstrating a first-class sense of design and uniqueness while raising the visibility of our brand on the international stage.”

Kengo Kuma said, “In general, buildings have a stone or concrete-like hardness. In order to bring homes back to the way they were originally intended to be lived in, I incorporated a soft element of trees and other nuances.” For Kengo Kuma, Tainan is a great place to live with a pleasant climate. The architectural design is a perfect blend of styling unique to Tainan, a building that responds to the wind and sunlight, and a structure with a cozy interplay of light and shade. As the source of inspiration, trees allow one to get a sense of the real forest, where light and shadow are constantly shifting and the angle of the sun’s rays changes with the seasons. As a result, rather than maintaining just one appearance throughout the year, the building’s facade will vary over time, much like the many ways that light and shadow interact as they fall from tree branches.

On April 2, Kengo Kuma came to Taiwan to attend the launch of Barclay Park – Tainan, organized by Cing Jing Lin and Swan Development, to talk about the design concept and ideas for this project. Everyone is excited about the arrival of the international superstar. The work presents a facade and public space design that is quite unique among other multi-family dwellings in Taiwan. It is undoubtedly the first residential building in Tainan to be aesthetically designed due to the unique way the materials will be used and the textures it will create. This, along with its rarity, has already attracted the attention of some international buyers, making it a highly collectible and limited edition residence. For more information, please visit