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Antifascithm: How ‘Laut gegen Nazis’ used a Trojan Nazi band to enforce streaming algorithms to work against fascist music

HAMBURG, Germany

On music streaming platforms algorithms ensure that users hear the music they like. However, this well-intentioned service has a downside. Once you listen to one of the many right-wing bands, more and more fascist music is suggested to you. A vicious circle that the German association “Laut gegen Nazis” [] (loud against Nazis) is now breaking with their band “Hetzjaeger” and proving: platforms are not powerless against right-wing bands.

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“Laut gegen Nazis” has manipulated these algorithms so smartly that they work against the Nazi bands. To do this, they created the fake Nazi band “Hetzjaeger” – with their debut single “Kameraden” (comrades). Initially, only a teaser was published. A month later when the complete song and music video are released, it becomes clear after the 2nd verse: this band had set out to finally put an end to right-wing music on streaming platforms.

The song and the band were designed to perfectly serve the parameters of the algorithms.
Algorithms recommend bands based on how similar they are to the listeners’ favourite artists. Besides sound and lyrics, visuals, listener behaviour and links and mentions in social media are also important. “Hetzjaeger” nailed all of them, by even infiltrating big fascist groups on Telegram to secure their support.

The band is quickly accepted and celebrated in the scene. Within a month, the audio sample
trained the algorithms so well, the teaser was recommended to over 120,000 right-wing extremists in Germany and around the world.

The stunt is a complete success, proving the point: the platforms could do something against their fascism problem – now it’s time to do so.

Press Contact:
Jörn Menge
Laut gegen Nazis e.V.
+49 (0) 40-22867561

Source: Laut gegen Nazis

Source: Laut gegen Nazis