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ARCO announces opening of new office in Japan to support demand for sustainable enterprise IT solutions


ARCO Pte Ltd (“ARCO”), a company of Exeo Group, Inc and a wholly owned subsidiary of DeClout Pte Ltd, has officially announced the opening of its new office in Japan, in Exeo Group’s building located in the heart of Tokyo’s business district of Shibuya.

The opening of the new office in Japan reflects the growing demand for ARCO’s sustainable information technology (“IT”) solutions that cover the procurement of new or pre-owned enterprise IT products, third party maintenance services to extend the useful life of IT equipment as well as IT asset disposition solutions.

Globalisation is growing in importance for businesses, and Japanese companies have started to expand aggressively locally and overseas, while global multinational businesses expanding into Japan see the need for the support of a reliable partner to bridge their technology requirements and manage the deployment of IT assets.

Japan has been a key driver and supporter of 3R initiatives across the Asia Pacific region, chairing forums to promote reduce, reuse, and recycle programmes regionally. However, for IT enterprise equipment, companies had a tendency to prefer procuring the latest equipment, as part of the global rat race to keep up with technology trends, and to develop newer, faster and better products to meet market needs.

With ARCO’s solutions that are right-sized and recommended based on each clients’ requirements, companies are now able to scale faster and more cost-effectively by leveraging good-as-new enterprise hardware, maintenance services and IT asset disposition solutions that are catered for optimal effectiveness.

Mr Fumitoshi Imaizumi, Managing Director of Exeo Global Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, concurs with this view as well. “In the past, we used to believe that having the best technology equipment would ensure the best performance delivery. Companies today have to manage a huge amount of risk in their operations, especially when purchasing and maintaining expensive enterprise IT equipment, but with ARCO’s solution suite, businesses are now able to enjoy the best of both worlds, by spending less yet delivering the same standards of service, and all while helping to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

“ARCO aims to bridge companies who are looking to do business in Japan, providing them with the right technical resources and expertise to propel their business. We have also been helping Japanese corporations expand quickly both locally and overseas through our prompt resource deployment and strong technological know-how. We’re especially happy that we’re able to help our clients scale quickly, yet meet their Sustainable Development Goals in their procurement process.” says Ms Kow Ya, CEO of ARCO Pte Ltd.

With the growth in demand for cloud services internationally and the acceleration of digitalisation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ARCO successfully launched its ARCMetal solution for businesses in March 2020, a baremetal-as-a-service solution designed to provide companies with a unique flexible option that improves organisational efficiency and provides versatility while reducing the usual hefty upfront costs of procuring IT infrastructure by allowing payments in small, manageable installments.

About ARCO Pte Ltd

Headquartered in Singapore, ARCO aspires to be the leader in technology and services provisioning for Japanese corporations and companies looking to expand their businesses to Japan.

ARCO provides complete IT hardware lifecycle management services with a comprehensive solutions suite that covers everything from purchase, maintenance to disposition, making things hassle-free and leaving businesses the time to focus on what matters.

ARCO is a Blancco ITAD Silver Partner and a Silver Sponsor of the Service Industry Association (SIA).

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