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As a Benchmark City for China’s International Business Environment, Dalian’s Number of Foreign-funded Enterprises Placing the City at the Top in Northeast China


-24-hour Self-service Center brings convenience to every market entity.

A report from CRI Online:

Dalian, a city in China, is located beside the sea. Its prosperity comes out from port trade. The costal city has the largest number and the most kinds of functional zones for opening-up. Its economic aggregate is the largest and it is considered to be the most vibrant city in northeastern China.

Nowadays, the time required to register a new enterprise has been shortened to half a day, and two hours at its shortest. The announcement time for simplified deregistration has been reduced from 45 days to 20. Instead of over 200 working days, it now takes no more than 40 working days to get a construction permit.The time for having access to water and gas has also been shortened from 30 working days to two and eight, respectively. All these bring convenience to every market entity.

By the end of August 2022, Dalian had a total of 876,995 market entities, which is 2.03 times that of the end of 2012. There are 6,656 foreign-funded enterprises in Dalian, placing the city at the top in Northeast China.

And Dalian continues to streamline administration, delegating power, strengthening regulation, and improving services. Since 2013, it has streamlined administration and delegated power 21 times, covering 3,684 items. Dalian has likewise focused on reforming the administrative approval system. It has implemented a management system with lists indicating the materials required for residents. A total of 1,000 items requiring an administrative license and 3,543 government services in the 29 municipal departments have been included in the management system.

The overall business environment trend in Dalian over the past ten years has been quite positive. Government functions have been profoundly reformed, and digital transformation has been accelerated. Residents have participated in businesses actively, and the market has remained open and inclusive. The business environment becomes more convenient with the rise in satisfaction of market entities. In the 2019 and 2020 National Business Environment Evaluation, Dalian was selected as one of the 14 fastest-growing cities. Four urban indicators were evaluated as a benchmark domestically, and 55 reform measures were praised. Dalian was selected as a Benchmark City for China’s International Business Environment for two consecutive sessions of evaluations.