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Athachi’s Trust Nature philosophy is powerful and unique; Chilean ambassador on visit to Athachi farms


The Chilean Ambassador to India, His Excellency Mr. Juan Angulo Monsalve, recently visited the Athachi Biodiversity Farm at Elappully in Palakkad. Accompanied by his wife, Mr. Angulo spent hours at the farm, understanding its intricacies, and went around the Athachi Nakshatra Vanam, Goshala, and Navagraha Vanam at the farm with great interest.

Mr. Raju N Subramanian, Chairman of Athachi Group, briefed the Ambassador and his wife on the unique More than Organic(TM) farming methods of Athachi, the Trust Nature(TM) philosophy, and the future plans of the group in the field of agriculture, Ayurveda, green energy etc.

Dr. Vishwanath N Subramanian, Managing Director of Athachi Group, briefed the Ambassador on the findings of over five years of research conducted at the Athachi Farms, including studies on the unique ecological wonder in the Western Ghats called Palakkad Gap. The research is currently underway.

The Trust Nature(TM) philosophy is a powerful stream of thought that guides Athachi Group as it seeks to craft solutions that respect the environment, promote holistic living and harmonious coexistence with all living beings. As Mr. Raju enumerated to the Ambassador, Trust Nature(TM) is about harnessing the regenerative power of nature in every step, to build resilience in the ecosystem of the universe.

The Ambassador spoke about how the Trust Nature(TM) philosophy is universal in ethos, where plants and animals, as well as weather and landscape, blend to maintain the delicate balance between the organisms and environment, and can be adapted to the ecosystem of Chile and all other nations.

He also agreed with Athachi’s belief system that the Trust Nature(TM) philosophy offers a way of life, aimed at limiting global warming and it is a perfect example of a globally scalable campaign on climate change and sustainability program by United Nations.

More Than Organic(TM) – This innovative farming method is one of the outcomes of the Athachi Trust Nature(TM) philosophy. Dr. Vishwanath took the Ambassador through the finer details of the method, co-evolved with nature, and how it has helped build healthy, organic strategies that eliminate the need for artificial chemicals. The More than Organic(TM) methodologies employ the rich biodiversity introduced in the land, to nurture and enrich soil. It is a balanced farming method that combines the proven, nature-revering agriculture system that was prevalent in India for generations, with the latest technologies.

Special efforts are taken to identify those pests which are harmful to the ecosystem and employ holistic methods like planting countering herbs, and in special cases, solar bio-traps, to limit their growth, as referenced in the ancient Indian text Vrikshayurveda. Aiming to protect endangered trees and plants along with conservation of nature, Athachi Farms has been producing a variety of products upholding the country’s Agro-Ayurvedic legacy. The Athachi Trust also conducts numerous programmes to inculcate faith in nature among future generations.

Meanwhile, reinforcing its commitment to the cause, Athachi Group has initiated extensive research, involving academia and experts from the domain, to unravel the biodiverse hotspot called Palakkad Gap to the wider world.

About The Athachi Group:

Based in India and the UAE, Athachi has evolved as businesses in natural progression. From Finance, Consulting and Trading to products for Wellness and Ayurveda. The Group which has been successfully creating authentic ayurvedic solutions for over 3 decades, established the Athachi Biodiversity Farm. The Group is in the process of crafting products that are exciting outcomes of the biodynamic and biodiverse methodology.


Source: Athachi Group