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Australia’s largest taxi company, 13cabs reveals compelling reasons to joining them as a professional driver

MELBOURNE, Australia

Professional drivers have more choices than ever before, which means becoming an Uber Driver( or rideshare driver is no longer the only option for those looking to make a living behind the wheel.

Also gone, thankfully, are the days when pursuing a career in driving meant automatically compromising your safety. Everyone is entitled to a safe workplace – particularly workers who work out of hours and are in constant contact with the public.

A big part of making sure that safe workplace is delivered is ensuring that your company fits approved safety cameras in your vehicle. Without security cameras monitored by a control centre, Drivers lack the ‘second pair of eyes’ needed to stay safe behind the wheel. Also, having a security alarm fitted to your vehicle instead of having to rely on your phone gives 13cabs professional drivers a valuable added layer of safety.

As Australia’s largest taxi company, 13cabs delivers both those security measures to every one of their professional drivers. When you include the 24/7 backing of an Australian support centre, rather than a call center based who knows where, becoming a professional driver with a nationally recognised taxi brand like 13cabs is an easy choice.

The unstable nature of work in the gig economy or driving for couriers and small taxi operators, is another factor motivating many to make the switch to professional driving for established and well-known brands such as 13cabs.

With rideshare you’re also restricted to jobs you receive via your phone. Not so with 13cabs. As the professional driver of a branded cab, you can do rank work, along with picking up fares off the street.

Better still, as a professional driver with 13cabs, you can build and nurture your own regular customer base by using the MyDriver feature in the 13cabs app.

In short, there are a whole host of benefits that could make 13cabs a better choice for you if you’re already on the road. There are zero surprises with 13cabs. Just a good, stable opportunity to do what you already love, driving.

Add flexibility when you need it and a fairer share of every fair, and 13cabs is the clear choice for anyone keen to take the next step and become a true professional driver.

SOURCE: 13cabs

Source: 13cabs