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Automation Anywhere Launches Bot Games Season 2 to Prepare CIOs and their Teams for the Future of Work

SAN JOSE, Calif.

– Industry’s only virtual event for developers aims to upskill, reskill teams – a critical step in the automation journey

Automation Anywhere [], a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), today announced that it has opened registration for Bot Games Season 2 [], the industry’s only virtual event for developers of all experience backgrounds worldwide.

Bot Games [] is a global, month-long, free, online event that provides hands-on, how-to labs for thousands of developers [*jlcbzk*_ga*NDI4OTEzMzEuMTY0MjYxMTg5NA..*_ga_DG1BTLENXK*MTY0OTExNjEwOC42NC4xLjE2NDkxMTY2NjYuNjA] – from citizen to expert developers – and the  opportunity to develop innovative and resourceful automation skills as organizations scale their automation journey.

Upskilling and reskilling to prepare the workforce for the future are paramount to IT leaders today particularly as process automation has skyrocketed. The newest season of Bot Games is one of the company’s largest commitments to its 1+ million community [] and brings with it a new set of RPA Challenge pages []. These consist of scored and timed challenges designed to be solved with a bot. Also new is simultaneous, real-time performance feedback and inspirational content from a global ecosystem of Automation Anywhere partners [] and community [] members.

“CIOs and IT leaders that embrace the power of automation are wanting to upskill their RPA developers,” said Kristen Engelhardt, senior vice president of Community & Learning at Automation Anywhere. “No other automation provider or RPA vendor runs a free, global upskilling event like Bot Games, with weekly RPA challenges and community-powered engagement. Upskilling and reskilling people with diverse backgrounds helps IT leaders and their teams accelerate business impact in the growing automation economy.”

Bot Games Season 2 runs through April 29 with new challenges released each week and prizes for participants. Week 5 of Bot Games is Community Week [] with events focused on highlighting community developed solutions from developer perspectives, in addition to live-streamed developer events.

All Bot Games challenges can be completed on Automation 360 [] or Automation Anywhere’s free-to-use Community Edition [*jdi7nz*_ga*NDI4OTEzMzEuMTY0MjYxMTg5NA..*_ga_DG1BTLENXK*MTY0OTExNjEwOC42NC4xLjE2NDkxMTY0MDguNTc].

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Source: Automation Anywhere Inc.

Source: Automation Anywhere Inc.