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Avidien Technologies Receives $4M Investment from BroadOak Capital Partners


Automated Liquid Handling Company Earns Investment to Drive Commercial Growth

Avidien announced today a new financing round of $4M from BroadOak Capital Partners. The investment will help Avidien expand its product roadmap, scale commercial production, and better serve research and pharmaceutical clients.

Avidien CEO and Founder Rich Cote said, “The partnership with BroadOak is exciting and ushers in the next phase for Avidien by creating the opportunity to quickly scale up the business with investments in new products, sales, marketing, and manufacturing.”

Avidien’s flagship product, the microPro 300, provides precision semi-automated 96 and 384 channel pipetting to hundreds of biotech, medical testing, and research laboratories worldwide. The compact and portable liquid handling platform has built a loyal customer base thanks to its innovative design, intuitive interface, and industry-leading capabilities. The microPro 300 fills gaps in automation workflows by streamlining repetitive pipetting tasks and ensuring accurate, repeatable liquid transfers.

BroadOak Capital Partners is a life sciences focused financial institution with a track record of supporting companies at the forefront of major industry trends. “Aviden’s affordable pipette automation platform sets a new standard for common research methods and is at the cutting edge of laboratory automation technology. We’re proud to partner with the Avidien team to help them achieve even greater growth,” said Bryan Poltilove, Operating Partner at BroadOak Capital Partners. Mr. Poltilove is also joining Avidien’s Board of Directors to guide the company’s next phase of business expansion.

About Avidien Technologies

Avidien Technologies is a Massachusetts based company that manufactures innovative and precision liquid handling solutions that are deployed in life science labs around the world.

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About BroadOak Capital Partners

BroadOak Capital Partners, with headquarters in Washington, DC and San Francisco, is a life sciences focused financial institution that provides direct investment and investment banking services to companies in the research tools and consumables, diagnostics, biopharma services, and adjacent markets. BroadOak has led or participated in investments in more than 50 companies across multiple funds and investment vehicles. For more information, visit

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