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Awarded for consistent sustainability management: Kneipp is among the top one percent in the EcoVadis Ranking

WÜRZBURG, Germany, Nov. 4

Ecological and social actions are firmly anchored in Kneipp’s priorities, as confirmed by EcoVadis: the world-renowned sustainability ratings provider has awarded the manufacturer of cosmetics and body care products the highest possible Platinum medal.

As a result of its long-standing commitment to sustainability, Kneipp has achieved Platinum status in the world’s largest sustainability rating, attaining 75 out of a possible 100 points. This places Kneipp amongst the top one percent of all companies evaluated by EcoVadis and the top two percent of businesses in the cosmetics and personal care industry. The high benchmark set by the EcoVadis Ranking also provides measurable scope for high performing companies with platinum status to continue to make positive progress.

“We are delighted to receive this confirmation of our achievements in the area of sustainability. Sustainability indicates responsibility – and a company that does not take responsibility has no future. The award of Platinum ranking illustrates we are on a positive path and making an impact. Our aim is to continue to improve, and we hope that as a result we better our score next year, too,” explains Alexander C. Schmidt, CEO of the Kneipp Group.

Measurable success in all four categories
The CSR performance ranking examines environmental and social practices within a company’s supply chains. It evaluates 21 indicators in the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Kneipp’s performance is rated as advanced in all areas. Its performance within the areas of environment and ethics stand out particularly positively: in both evaluations the company achieved 80 out of a possible 100 points. With this high rating, the company demonstrates that it takes its sustainability efforts seriously and that these are leading to clear successes.

Kneipp actively drives forward sustainability goals
When it comes to sustainability, Kneipp sets itself high goals: already, 75 percent of Kneipp packaging is recyclable; the goal is to reach 100 percent. In addition, the company is working on replacing all plastic packaging with recycled plastic, as well as increasingly using sustainable alternatives, such as bio-based packaging materials like cork or Paper Blend.

“For us, sustainable work is more than just a phrase, but genuine conviction based on tradition. For our founder Sebastian Kneipp, living in balance with nature was of central importance. More than 130 years later, sustainability is an integral pillar within the business. Whether purchasing raw materials, production, or packaging – sustainability is a foremost part of Kneipp’s business strategy,” emphasizes Kneipp CEO, Schmidt.

Sustainability has always played a central role in the company, which is based in Würzburg in southern Germany. For more than 12 years, an interdepartmental task force has been working on concrete measures for greater sustainability. And that pays off: in addition to the EcoVadis Platinum ranking, Kneipp was one of only a few businesses to receive the Green Brand biannual award for the fifth time, and thus for ten years in a row. Also, the company is climate-neutral at all its sites worldwide through offset projects. However, this is only the first step: Kneipp has long been actively working to continuously reduce its CO₂ emissions. The company has been sourcing its electricity exclusively from hydropower since 2010. The declared goal is local climate neutrality by reducing CO2 emissions.

About Kneipp

For more than 130 years, the traditional Kneipp® brand has stood for effective, innovative and natural products for well-being and health based on the holistic teachings of Sebastian Kneipp. Naturopathic expertise and pharmaceutical experience, state-of-the-art production processes and careful scientific controls vouch for the quality of Kneipp products, which has been tried and tested for generations. The Kneipp Group, headquartered in Würzburg, Germany, is active in 18 countries around the globe and employs about 700 people, including over 500 in Germany. Kneipp is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAUL HARTMANN AG, Heidenheim.

Corporate PR: Simone Eschenbach
Kneipp GmbH
Winterhäuser Str. 85, 97084 Würzburg

SOURCE: Kneipp GmbH

Source: Kneipp GmbH