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Beosin, a Leading Blockchain Security Firm, Announces $20M Series A Strategic Financing


Beosin(, a leading blockchain security service provider, has recently closed a $20 million strategic financing round participated by prominent industry investors and existing shareholders.

Beosin is a global leader in blockchain security, offering smart contract security audit, blockchain project risk monitoring, alerting, and blocking, stolen digital assets recovery, KYT/AML, and other one-stop security solutions, products and services. Beosin has helped over 2,000 blockchain firms globally and safeguarded over $500 billion in assets. The proceeds will be used for blockchain security-related research and development, ecosystem expansion, and global business growth.

As a blockchain security leading company, it’s our responsibility to make contributions and develop the industry healthily. In the future, Beosin will continue to focus on the blockchain security ecology, deliver an expanded range of blockchain technology solutions and blockchain security technology for global users at scale.

Beosin VaaS(

The Smart Contract Formal Verification Platform provides static scanning, fuzzy testing and formal verification capabilities for smart contract codes. The platform supports 100+ testing items including traditional vulnerabilities and business logic correctness on multiple public blockchains with an accuracy rate of above 97%. It can precisely locate the risky codes while giving recommendations to help developers improve the security of smart contracts.

Beosin EagleEye(

An integrated monitoring platform designed for blockchain project owners. By automatically assessing security situation of contracts, monitoring on-chain operations in real-time, it can identify suspicious transactions, comprehensively assess the operation status, help user find out risks and get feasible suggestions, and finally setup security shield for project operation and protect the asset.

Beosin KYT(

For Anti-money Laundering Compliance, Transaction Risk Monitoring, Continuous Risk Assessment, Beosin KYT virtual asset anti-money laundering and investigation compliance system, relying on more than 1 billion address labels and black address database for blockchain big data analysis technology and advanced AI technology to create a blockchain asset tracking and anti-money laundering system that can help virtual asset service providers to build KYT (Know Your Transactions) and continuous risk assessment capabilities.