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BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG reports in four languages around the clock


Since 07 March 2022, the BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG (BTZ) has been reporting simultaneously in four languages, German, English and French. With this concept for a daily newspaper, which is currently unique in Germany, the BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG addresses readers in four languages, around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG reports economically and politically independently on all relevant topics and events from politics, business, science, sports, culture, tabloids, media, internet and entertainment. Editorial reports are also sourced through press agencies, among others. BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG bases its reporting on the established practice of the German Press Council, as well as the European Union, and is committed to objectivity, truthfulness and quality journalism to the highest degree.

In order for the BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG to be able to publish news in four languages around the clock, the BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG is supplied by news agencies from all over the world, where from a pool of hundreds of journalists the articles are sorted, filtered and then published by the editorial staff of the BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG. The advantage for the reader is fast, round-the-clock access to all important information, regardless of the hour, regardless of the continent.

The BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG reports, among other things, from crisis scenes as well as war zones, from all over the world. For this BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG also makes use of freelance journalists.

The BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG follows the group’s internal guideline: “Printed newspapers are yesterday’s news”. It should be noted that printed newspapers can often only be delivered to the reader the following day, which is why the BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG has relied exclusively on the online sector for many years.

A unique concept of programming in combination with large server banks at decentralised locations ensures the technical implementation. The number of economically independent units competing with each other is small in the Federal Republic of Germany, because the few large newspaper publishers in particular own many newspapers and publishing units. In this context, the BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG is independent and operates in a group with other publications, such as the DEUTSCHE TAGESZEITUNG, among others.

In absolute contrast to other daily newspapers in Germany, there is no need to take out a subscription with the BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG aktuell and you are still supplied with all the news online around the clock.

The BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG is a liberal-conservative daily newspaper. The line of the newspaper is not determined by an editor-in-chief, but by the editors and the owner, as is usual with newspapers and publications worldwide.


Press contact:
GSmedia – a Media Division of GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG
Phone: +49 30 2092 40 46
Fax: +49 30 2092 42 00
Contact person: Steven Snyder

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