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BingX Introduces Innovative Spot Grid Copy Trading to Let Anyone Execute Consistent Trading Strategies

BingX Introduces Innovative Spot Grid Copy Trading to Let Anyone Execute Consistent Trading Strategies.

BingX, the leading crypto social trading platform, has introduced a new Spot Grid Copy Trading feature, offering unprecedented flexibility to users.

As the name suggests, the system combines the benefits of Grid trading with that of Copy trading, using strategies from professional traders to earn money from crypto asset volatility. Grid trading is similar to providing liquidity on AMM DEXs, as it sets up gradual buy and sell orders in a defined range of prices. As long as the price oscillates within the band, users can make reliable profit from these fluctuations.

The strategies are created by professional traders going through strict screening by BingX. Up to 8% of the followers’ profits will be given to the creator of the strategy, incentivizing them to be as efficient and effective as possible. Users are presented with a choice of multiple strategies, which can be evaluated by investment amounts, past returns, projected annualized returns and many more.

For new crypto users, the Spot Grid Copy Trading is particularly valuable as it’s fire and forget and easy to set up. The consistent income can be incredibly valuable, especially in a flat ranging market like that of early 2022.

“We are very excited to launch our Spot Grid Copy Trading Feature. We’ve promised to give our users new cutting-edge features throughout 2022 and we are doing just that. In an industry where innovation is at its peak, it is crucial for BingX to remain competitive by way of innovation. Both our product and marketing teams have been working tirelessly behind this scene to add more value for traders with the spot trading arena being the epicenter. We also understand that being a first mover in the industry comes with several advantages which we hope to capitalize on. Users can look out for more spot trading pairs being listed as well as other new innovative tools from BingX.” – Public Relations & Communications Director at BingX, Elvisco Carrington

Over 300 spot cryptocurrencies such as Ape Coin (,Chainlink (,Shakita (,STAKE (, CVX ( and IDEX ( have already been listed on BingX with plans in motion to further optimize the spot investment experience for users.

About BingX

Founded in 2018, BingX ( is a global digital asset, spot, and derivatives trading platform that provides a user-centric and open ecosystem with intuitive social trading features. Created to enrich the entire cryptocurrency industry, BingX is a safe, reliable, and user-friendly venue for users to trade their favorite assets.

Source: BingX

Source: BingX