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Binzhou’s Grain Industry Transitions from “Grain Processing” to “Food Production”

Zhongyu's production line of fine-dried noodles

On September 20, the team of "Trip of Media to Silk Road and Yellow River" arrived in Binzhou of Shandong, a major city in the grain industry. According to News Office of Binzhou Municipal Government, in recent years, Binzhou has accelerated the extension of its industrial chain and the development of a complete industrial chain, gradually transitioning from "grain processing" to "food production". Binzhou Zhongyu Food Co., Ltd. is a microcosm of the development of the grain industry in Binzhou.

When people think of wheat, they often associate it with products like steamed buns, bread, and noodles. However, at Zhongyu, a single wheat grain has been transformed into over 500 products across ten series, utilizing the full value of the wheat. While an ordinary enterprise can only produce flour and by-products with a total product value of around 3,700 yuan when processing a ton of wheat, Zhongyu can produce a wider range of products such as flour, fine-dried noodles, vital gluten, special-class edible alcohol, dietary fiber, Erythritol, and protein peptides, with a total product value of around 9,140 yuan. This represents a 147% increase in output value compared to ordinary processing.

Source: News Office of Binzhou Municipal Government