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Bitazza Announces Launch of Global Platform and Listing of Own Utility Token, BTZ, as Its First Push in Leading the Digital Asset Revolution


By bridging old-world financial infrastructure with the new era of blockchain technology, Bitazza delivers lifestyle-focused crypto experiences.

Bitazza, the fastest-growing digital asset platform leading the crypto lifestyle, has officially announced its expansion into the global market with the Bitazza Global platform, after having successfully grown its business in the regulated environment of Thailand. The platform also announced its roadmap for BTZ, their utility token, which will open for trading on 22/02/2022.

Bitazza originated from Thailand, where they hold a Digital Asset Brokerage license from the Ministry of Finance and have recently obtained a Digital Asset Exchange License in Sri Lanka. Bitazza stated intentions to acquire additional licenses in other regulated markets, including Cambodia, the Philippines, Australia, and Europe. Through the compliant local platforms, users will be able to convert fiat-crypto-fiat on the Bitazza Global platform, which is set to welcome users from anywhere in the world through USD stablecoin pairs.

Bitazza is one of the fastest-growing digital asset platforms with more than 600,000 users to date and a monthly trading volume of over $600 million. Bitazza’s mission is to bring digital assets, investment banking, and blockchain-based cashless payments together in one interconnected ecosystem that bridges the gap between centralized and decentralized financial solutions.

The Bitazza Global platform will offer users access to its ever-growing ecosystem and features, including spot trading, derivatives trading, yield products, DeFi investment opportunities, Freedom Wallet, and the Freedom Card.

Bitazza offers a robust suite of real-world crypto usage features that are currently being used, including API payment integration, in-app crypto payments, and a white-label wallet solution that has been successfully used to support large music festivals and more. Bitazza also has plans to establish a crypto-based eCommerce platform and will soon offer users crypto payment cards to further drive crypto usage in everyday life.

BTZ serves as fuel for the ecosystem and is designed with utility features that may expand as the ecosystem grows, including paying fees with up to 75% discounts, redeeming BTZ for rewards, stake to earn APY, accessing tiered benefits, and participating in the governance of the ecosystem. BTZ has a max supply of 3 billion tokens, of which only 412.5 million are currently in circulation. More information here:

Kevin Heng, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Bitazza, commented, “With our interconnected global platform and the carefully curated tokenomics of our BTZ token, we have a clear roadmap towards the sustained growth of our platform.

Mr. Heng goes on to say: “Our focus is on promoting financial inclusion and subsequently financial freedom. Bitazza believes in the freedom to manage and use one’s own assets in everyday life. We are passionate about putting real-world working crypto products in people’s hands and driving crypto mass adoption like no one else.”

About Bitazza

Bitazza was founded by a team of experts in fields ranging from finance, technology, creative development, and more who share a singular vision in digital asset growth and adoption. Bitazza’s vision is to integrate digital assets, investment banking, and blockchain-based cashless payments together seamlessly.

Source Bitazza

Source: Bitazza