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Brazilian digital bank sees ChatGPT as an ally in the four-day week


Since its launch, ChatGPT has attracted the attention of professionals from several fields. Efi, one of the major Brazilian fintechs, has gone further and started to use the system to optimize processes. A fan of the slimmed-down, four-day work week, the company has identified a reduction of up to 40% in time spent on activities.

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For Efi CRM manager Alexandre Santana, despite what some analysts believe, ChatGPT will not replace professionals, but make processes more fluid, objective and modular, and so reduce possible manual errors. “In our tests, using AIs intelligently has enabled tasks to be done in minutes that would otherwise take hours. I have no doubt that the ability to use these tools will be a requirement, especially as this technology evolves,” he says.

Less operational, more strategy

Since implementing its reduced week for its almost 400 employees to provide a better work-life balance, Efi has started to place even more value on streamlining tasks. Using ChatGPT to generate codes and in routine jobs, such as writing emails and creating project scopes, complements other initiatives such as reducing meetings to make daily life more strategic.

By using ChatGPT, the developers get extra time to work on more sophisticated tasks and leave minor and more basic code creation to the tool. In any event, care needs to be taken with the codes generated, warns Software engineer Leony Assis. “It is important to review the codes to ensure 100% assertiveness. Therefore, the objective of the software being developed as well as the technologies involved must be fully understood.”

Efi concluded that AI could even be used to generate ideas from user feedback, providing a better understanding of what they need, and identifying the best components and structures during the systems architecture phase.

Another important point was the creation of internal policies on information security and intellectual property, preventing sensitive data from being inserted in the prompt.

Efi Bank

Specializing in financial solutions, Efi is a payment institution with 370,000 customers throughout Brazil, and is responsible for moving more than US$4 billion every year. The company was authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil to act as a Payment and Accreditation Institution and is a direct participant of Pix, a Brazilian instant payment platform, and a payment initiator on Open Finance.