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BRI Continues to Empower MSMEs to Go Global by Bringing Their Products to the Tong Tong Fair

THE HAGUE, Netherlands

Consistently empowering MSMEs growth in Indonesia, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (IDX: BBRI) has successfully assisted them in bringing their products in front of thousands of visitors at the largest Eurasian cultural festival in the world, the Tong Tong Fair, at the Center of The Hague, Netherlands, from 1 September to 12 September 2022.

Empowering MSMEs to compete in the global market is a long journey. BRI has been taking part in educating MSMEs to implement professional financial management, marketing, branding to find stories behind their products thus increasing product uniqueness and competitiveness. BRI has also been assisting MSMEs to go digital to widen their market shares.

“We need to support the MSMEs directly because merely submitting funds is not enough. BRI continues to strive for local MSMEs to recognize their full potential and penetrate the global market. One of our efforts is bringing them to the Tong-Tong Fair,” said Amam Sukriyanto, Director of Small and Medium Business BRI.

In addition, BRI carries out a business matching strategy to bring together consumers from abroad with local MSMEs through the MSME EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR, an annual event to support MSMEs to go global.

In 2021, the BRIlianpreneur EXPO(RT) recorded a total transaction of US$72.13 million business-matching transactions, exceeding the company’s set target of US$65 million. 110 buyers from 31 countries, including the United States, the European Union, the Middle East, Australia, etc. attended the event.

“MSMEs in Indonesia have enormous potential with a variety of unique products that are favored by international consumers. Our goal is for MSMEs to develop the best-quality products in line with market needs,” added Amam.

In Q2 2022, BRI’s MSME loan portfolio grew by 9.81% year-on-year (YoY) from IDR 837.82 trillion in Q2 2021 to IDR 920 trillion in Q2 2022, making the proportion of MSME loans compared to BRI’s total loans to 83.27%. Furthermore, BRI managed to disburse loans of IDR 1,104.79 trillion (8.75% YoY growth) in the same period.

The entire credit sector recorded a positive increase, with the main pillars being the micro segment (15.07% growth), the consumer segment (5.27%), the corporate segment (3.76% growth), and the small and medium segment (2.71% growth).

SOURCE: PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI)