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Bugworks Research Inc. and Cytecare Cancer Hospitals announce collaboration to accelerate the development of cutting-edge Immuno-oncology therapies


– Bugworks – a US, India and Australia based start-up with globally recognized expertise in drug discovery, has set up a dedicated Immuno-oncology ex vivo research lab at the Bengaluru-based hospital, Cytecare.
– The lab bridges the translation from discovery to development, addressing several hard-to-treat cancers such as gastric, colorectal, renal cell, breast, head and neck, non-small cell lung cancers.
– This partnership between leading drug discovery start-up and leading cancer hospital paves way for the development of novel Immuno-oncology drugs that can be effective in wider patient populations.
– The outcome of this translational research will guide the first-in-human trials, expected to commence in early 2024.

Bugworks Research Inc., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, and Cytecare Cancer Hospitals today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind collaboration. Bugworks develops best-in-class, novel therapies for cancer and infectious diseases & has set up a dedicated research center within Cytecare, which is committed to excellence in treating cancer patients.

The coming together of a leading innovator in drug discovery and a state-of-the-art cancer hospital promises to be a game changer in saving countless human lives. Bugworks’ drug discovery engine coupled with Cytecare’s excellence in delivering optimal clinical outcomes will offer differentiated solutions to patients all over the world.

Commenting on the significance of this strategic collaboration, Suresh Ramu, Co-Founder & CEO, Cytecare Cancer Hospitals, said, “We are excited to partner with Bugworks Research, in this inspiring endeavor to discover novel treatments for different types of cancers. In 2016, we started with the vision of building the country’s best institution for cancer care, supported by India-specific research data. At Cytecare, we are committed to provide the best possible treatment to patients and support cutting-edge research. We strongly believe that affordable and accessible immuno-oncology therapies can come from India and be made accessible to all patients. This collaboration heralds a brave new beginning to a healthier future.”

Bugworks’ current research in immuno-oncology centers around modulating the tumour microenvironment that includes adenosine antagonism – an area of research with applications across many solid tumours. The drug candidates from this research will undergo translational testing on patient-derived tumours in the ex vivo laboratories at Cytecare, prior to progressing to first-in-human clinical studies.

Dr. V. Balasubramanian, Co-Founder and COO, Bugworks, noted, “We are discovering highly differentiated, novel small molecule immunotherapeutic agents that target the immunosuppressive and tumour-promoting microenvironment. The ex vivo laboratories at Cytecare Cancer Hospitals, as part of our collaboration, will greatly aid the translation of our research to high percentage successful clinical outcomes.”

At present, immunotherapy is an important pillar in the armamentarium of cancer care. The currently approved agents are indeed life-saving, albeit only for a small segment of patients. Bugworks’ approach, in collaboration with Cytecare Hospitals, offers new avenues to increase the percentage of patients who would benefit from these life-saving immunotherapies. The current collaboration is a small, yet significant step in helping India become a biotech powerhouse.

About Bugworks Research ( [])

Bugworks Research is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, developing novel therapeutic assets to combat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and immunotherapies to treat cancer patients using innovative structure-guided medicinal chemistry. Its AMR asset, BWC0977, currently in Phase 1 human studies will address serious hospital, community and biothreat bacterial infections. Its immuno-oncology pipeline is in pre-clinical development and has the potential to target multiple cancers.

About Cytecare Cancer Hospitals ( [])

Cytecare launched its flagship center, Cytecare Cancer Hospitals, a 150-bed organ-site focused cancer hospital, in November 2016 at Yelahanka, Bengaluru. Founded on the principle of ‘Fighting Cancer the Right Way’, Cytecare houses some of the finest surgeons, physicians, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and other clinical experts in the country within its world-class facility. Patient-centricity is a hallmark of treatment at Cytecare and today their comprehensive clinical team delivers holistic healing across a range of medical specialties. Cytecare is also a part of multiple global clinical research studies, which ensures continuous learning & improvement in clinical outcomes for their patients. Cytecare delivers a consistently high-level of specialized care for thousands of cancer patients, from more than 40 countries.

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