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Business Innovation through Digitalization: Midea 2025 digital strategy targets 100% business digitalization


Midea Digital Midea 2025 conference displays Midea actively building a technology group that provides digital solutions combining software and hardware for both B-end and C-end users.

Midea has specified the goals of its 2025 digital strategy: 100% digitalization of the entire operation across the whole value chain, driving business through a user perspective and reaching high-tech industry standards, maintaining industry leadership by building core technology barriers, becoming the first choice in the global smart home industry, and integrating digital technology into business development to innovate business models.

In recent years, Midea has successively established the AI Innovation Center, Midea Software Engineering Institute, Midea Cloud Data Center, and the Privacy Computing Joint Laboratory. This all represents Midea’s determination to implement its digital strategy and ambitions in technology transformation.

Zhang Xiaoyi, vice president and CIO of Midea Group, explains: “Digital Midea 2025 reflects the process of Midea gradually approaching our users.” In the fields of Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart Travel, Smart Energy, Smart Healthcare, Smart logistics, and Smart manufacturing, Midea has a unified digital base, providing exclusive data cockpits and exclusive smart decision-making assistants for everyone.

At the press conference, Midea officially launched the home service robot XIAOWEI, a robot with intelligent technology that is an AI butler, family assistant, safety guard, and playmate all in one. In terms of industrial digitalization, Midea further expands from smart home to industrial technology, building technology, and in to other fields, empowering corporate customers and building a new digital ecosystem.

Midea Industrial Technology is committed to supporting industry development through the power of technological innovation, especially in intelligent transportation, industrial automation, energy solutions, and consumer appliances. Midea Building Technologies provides a one-stop solution for air, water, and elevator products worldwide. Midea Cloud focuses on intelligent manufacturing and industrial software. By 2025, it will cover 2,000 industry-leading customers and introduce 1,000 ecological partners. Through perceivable data collection to executable business processes, Midea Annto Logistics realizes a reliable decision-making basis.

For Midea, when all hardware is supported by digital technology, there will be an organic open ecosystem, from every metadata to platforms, systems, home hardware, and even buildings and cities, all connected in a smart digital way, to provide a better digital world. With Midea, the digital world is at the fingertips.

SOURCE: Midea Group