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CALB shines at Munich, states that it is ready to accelerate the electrification of Europe

MUNICH, Germany
Ms. Liu Jingyu, Chairperson of CALB

On September 4, the highly influential 2023 IAA Mobility event opened in Munich, Germany. Concurrently, on September 6, the WNEVC 2023 (IAA Mobility Special) with the theme "Low-carbon Travel, Win-win Cooperation" commenced. Ms. Liu Jingyu, Chairperson of CALB, was invited to deliver a keynote speech during the conference, with a focus on the company's innovations in power battery technology and product development. This aims to contribute to the electrification process of not only Europe but also the global automotive industry.

The Munich event featured a total of 675 participating companies, including over 50 from China. CALB showcased a series of core products and solutions in the field of power batteries, highlighting their groundbreaking One-Stop (OS) Battery, Ultrahigh Power (UP) Cylinder Battery, as well as full-tab stacked battery, 4C fast-charging batteries, PHEV-specific batteries and systems, solid-state batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries, and VDA standard modules. Among these, the cost-effective OS Battery and the 6C Up Cylinder Battery garnered significant attention from visitors.

Liu Jingyu states that CALB places a strong emphasis on product safety, power performance experience, resource utilization efficiency, and the overall lifecycle cost. Their research in materials and chemical systems centers around four key areas: high-voltage, high-manganese, cobalt-free, and solid-state technologies.

CALB is the first company to elevate the energy density of 5-series NCM products to a level equivalent to 8-series NCM products. Through continuous iterations and upgrades, CALB's high-voltage 6-series products now achieve an energy density of 300 Wh/kg, supporting ranges of over 1000 km.

To ensure worldwide product availability and protect customer interests, CALB has established comprehensive patent protection across the entire industry chain, covering advanced materials, advanced batteries, advanced manufacturing, and recycling. Liu emphasized, "Our patent strategy aims to build a robust patent protection system while focusing on technological and product innovation, with the goal of creating a correct and sustainable development path for the healthy growth of the power battery industry."

Liu also noted, "We are prepared to support European domestic automakers." CALB's first overseas production base in Portugal is progressing according to plan, with an initial capacity of 15 GWh by phase I. Future expansions will be based on market size and customer demands.

Source: CALB Group