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Cappfinity partners with Rare to increase and accelerate diverse graduate hiring


HR tech firm, Cappfinity has announced a new partnership with specialist graduate diversity recruitment company, Rare, to increase and accelerate the hiring of diverse talent into elite professions.

The partnership will offer clients the use of Rare’s Contextual Recruitment System (CRS) to identify outperforming candidates using Rare’s unique classification system, along with Cappfinity’s strengths-based assessment model to find out what candidates are naturally good at and enjoy.

Both companies are pioneers in digital and virtual assessment, with Rare specialising exclusively in the recruitment and development of diverse talent.

Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Clark explained why Cappfinity have chosen to partner with Rare on this opportunity:

“We’re pleased to be working with Rare to help level the playing field for ethnically diverse candidates seeking careers in elite professions.

“Data from confirms that whilst the employment gap between white ethnic groups and other groups has gradually decreased over the past 20 years, there is still much more to do to increase diversity in elite professions. We want to play our part in addressing this disparity by removing barriers in the recruitment process.”

Rare Founder & Managing Director, Raphael Mokades explained:

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Cappfinity in service of a shared purpose to make recruitment into elite professional careers more accessible for a diverse range of candidates.

“Our unique CRS allows firms to assess a candidate’s academic performance against that of the overall performance of their university class or subject area, to provide better context into how that set of grades was achieved. This also helps employers to easily identify those that standout against their university peers, regardless of their background.”

Source: Cappfinity

Source: Cappfinity