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“Carbon Neutrality” Creates New Era | What Dr. Fang saw at MWC?

Dr.Fang at Carbon Talk

The 2022 Mobile World Congress (MWC) which attracted more than 2000 companies’ participation was successfully held in Barcelona from February 28th to March 3rd. As the world’s top mobile congress, MWC 2022 focused on hot topics such as 5G, AI, cloud network and the Internet of Everything. MWC2022 turn out be the first underline exhibition and the largest one since the epidemic.

Guests cannot ignore Huawei’s green ICT technologies and practices, which have attracted thousands of people who want to see what this ICT giant will do in the Carbon Neutrality Era.

Dr. Fang Liangzhou, the VP and CMO of Huawei Digital Power, unveiled the Digital & Smart forest, the exhibition area named by the vision of Huawei Digital Power. In the front of the HUAWEI exhibition area, Dr.Fang shared his observations and thoughts on Carbon Neutrality through new technologies, products and solutions.

In 1# Hall of the MWC Expo, Huawei’s slogan Lighting up the Green Future which summarized Huawei’s vision of continuously creating value for customers through continuous innovation and building a better, greener future, made a stunning appearance.

In order to support carriers’ green development strategy, Huawei put forward the More Bits, Less Watts viewpoint, and adopted the green site-green network-green operation systematic solution to help carriers continually increase network capacity and reduce unit bit energy consumption. By adding 5G without adding energy OPEX, one site one cabinet, one site one blade, HUAWEI increased the energy efficiency from 89% to 97%, and reduced the cost per watt by 20%. The data gives us a beautiful scenery of the future of green 5G.

With the proliferation of digital services, acceleration and high density of Data Center, the traditional concrete architecture is becoming more and more complex, the construction, deployment, operation and maintenance, also management become time-consuming and laborious, along with reduced reliability. Therefore, on the basis of modularity, Huawei focuses on two-wheel drive of Modularity Intelligence, and through four major reconstructions, reconstruction of architecture, temperature control, operation &maintenance, and power solution, promoting next-generation data centers to a new level of minimalism, greenness, intelligence and reliability.

It is foreseeable that with the deepening development of ICT technology, acceleration of green ICT technology, equipment manufacturers as Huawei will take more practice on More bits, Less watts, make efforts to promote industries by breakthrough of theories, materials and algorithms to achieve carbon emission reduction and energy saving.

Source: Huawei