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Changsha: A future city in central China

Changsha: Central China's city of the future

On June 6, a new Guinness World Record was created in China — in a competition among semi-trailer electric trucks for the longest travel distance on a single charge, the SANY MOTA 1165 BATTERY ELECTRIC SEMI-TRUCK finished the full highway journey from Changsha to Shenzhen in a grueling challenging that lasted more than 15 hours. This was a successful breakthrough in the world's longest travel record of more than 800km on a single charge. Behind the new record-setting excursion are seven global industry-first technologies and more than 20 patented technologies.


In recent years, Changsha has been working on making high-end manufacturing industry bigger, better and stronger. Companies represented by Sany, Broad Group, and Xiangjiang Intelligent have risen to a powerful position of leadership in Changsha's manufacturing industry, aiming to shape new development advantages and drive new engine growth. With a focus on key manufacturing industrial chains, Changsha is striving to build key technologies and make its industry more innovative and competitive, according to the Publicity Department of Changsha Municipality.

In its efforts to accelerate the cultivation of emerging industries, Changsha is promoting the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy. The city has brought together a large cluster of "vehicle-road-cloud-network-map" upstream and downstream enterprises such as CiDi, Baidu, and Tus Cloud Control in the Xiangjiang Intelligent Technology Innovation Center, which aids the deployment of smart taxi, smart heavy truck, smart sanitation and smart logistics technology, and allows Changsha to seize the high ground future emerging industries.

Today, a rich cultural heritage has given birth to the vigorous development of Changsha's innovative and creative cultural industry. Malanshan, located along the Liuyang River, has changed from "a village in the city" to "China's V Valley" and drawn 3,500+ upstream and downstream enterprises in the video cultural and creative industry chain in little more than 5 years. This positions it at the forefront of the country in promoting "traditional culture plus technology" and "traditional culture plus digitalization".

Thanks to the advancement of technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and artificial intelligence, Changsha, capital of Hunan Province in central China, has stayed ahead of and leads the development of these technologies, which have opened up unlimited possibilities for the continued development of Changsha, the city of future in central China.

Source: The Publicity Department of Changsha Municipality