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Chery Launched OMODA 5, a Work of Art in Motion

CANBERRA, Australia

Chery has recently released OMODA 5, the first global crossover SUV, which integrates a future generation concept of Art in Motion for car design.

The overall vision, a perfect match of light and shadow, illustrates an edge-cutting desire to cross over the border, as well as a vanguard futuristic feel. From the vanguard grill, dynamic bodywork continuing through the captivating perspective tail design, the designer has created this vibrant body with light and shadow to present a flowing piece of art.

Ethereal dynamic lines flow like sunrays down the grill, the integrated star diamond grill shutters miraculously incorporate light and shadow, and the precision LED dynamic headlights and T-shape daytime running lights create a dynamic, delicate and natural superior feel, showing the young generation’s nature to reach the limits of freedom. The contour cuts a dynamic vision, the 18 in blade sport hubs in dual color stars are sharp and deep, the brilliant dual color bodywork coupled with trendy flying colors and rotating lights and shadows makes a stunning visual impact. The dynamic fastback design radiates enough momentum to take off, and accentuates Generation Z’s pursuit of an aggressive life and adventurous driving habits. The spoiler and the stereo through-type flowing water LED taillights further strengthen the winning feel and add a more aggressive personality.

Born from long desired surreal aesthetics, OMODA 5 is for global consumers a futuristic car of dynamics, youth, vigor and smart technologies. This is the first car to have adopted the brave new Art in Motion concept for its design, and it’ll be the first dynamic product that brings Chery into the Australian market. Chery is recruiting adventurous distributors and only the best media partners in Australia to partner with the launch of this vehicle in this waiting market.

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