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Chery Redeploys New Energy Technology

CANBERRA, Australia

-OMODA 5 Is Coming to the Australian Market-

In Australia, warming climate and other environmental issues are posing a serious challenge. To reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment, many states have launched preferential policies for new energy vehicles, and more and more NEVs are arriving and being accepted by the public. Chery, a Chinese auto brand, is highly advanced in new energy technologies and is preparing to bring their safe and high-quality new models to the Australian market.

Chery’s brand-new NEV model OMODA is equipped with an innovative dual motor drive DHT and features 9 high efficiency working modes: single/dual motor electric drive, range extended mode, engine direct drive, single/dual motor energy recovery, charge in motion/park, meeting all-scenario travel requirements sought by most consumers. Besides, this DHT boasts the most transmission gears in the world: 11 gear combinations. During your drive, the control system calculates in real time the most suitable working gear, and together with Chery’s proprietary hybrid integration technology, ensures the optimal balance between power, comfort and economy.

As a leading Chinese auto brand, Chery started its NEV research since 1999, and after more than two decades of efforts, has created a complete R&D system for new energy passenger vehicles. Chery also owns a top quality, reliable supplier system, ensuring from the source product quality for Chery’s new energy vehicles. In batteries, Chery adopts battery cells from CATL and other top battery suppliers in the world; with motors, Chery cooperates with Yaskawa Electric from Japan in a joint-venture of Chery Yaskawa E-Drive System Co., Ltd.; and Chery also adopts Bosch ESP 9.3 electronic stability program and uses the most advanced quad core CPUs in the industry, which are from the same supplier as Jaguar and Land Rover.

Chery will penetrate the Australian market with OMODA 5, their first global model. This flagship is fully equipped with the highest new energy technologies, to deliver a safe and high-quality travel performance and driving experience to local consumers.



Source: Chery