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Chery to Enter Australian Market with OMODA5 and User Operation Concept WCWL by the End of the Year

CANBERRA, Australia

On June 15, Chery Automobile, a renowned auto maker based in China, announced that it will enter the Australian market in force of OMODA5 and user operation concept-WCWL by the end of this year.

As the automobile intelligence and digitization develop, many Australian automobile enterprises now have attached great importance to user operation and have launched various activities for automobile enthusiasts successively.

At the end of this year, Chery will enter the Australian market and will also promote the latest user operation concept to the world. Chery set up a global user interaction platform for the first time in 2020, and has held 31 operation activities for WCWL users since then, with the participants surpassing 500 thousand and the propagation coverage population exceeding 49 million. For now, the WCWL activity is underway, where the global Chery vehicle owners are able to share their stories with Chery.

In Peru, Chery held the first WCWL activity. 27 vehicle owners of Tiggo 7 PRO and their families gathered together and shared their stories with Chery. Marcio Muro Oblitas, a vehicle owner commented at a social media platform after the activity: “I never attend such kind of activity and I will continue to attend this activity in the future. It even makes me want to purchase another Tiggo 7 PRO. Thanks Chery for bringing me happy memories!”.

In South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal has been affected by floods since April 8 of this year, which leads to the persistent shortage of clean water in some regions. After leaning about this, Chery, together with its dealers, immediately took an action and held the WCWL donation activity, so as to provide water and blankets to poor communities, nursing homes and clinics in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Jay Jay Botes, Chery’s sales manager in South Africa said that “the dealers and network partners donation, their response speed and generosity really surprised us”.

At the end of this year, Chery will enter the Australian market with OMODA 5, as well as the WCWL activity. Chery’s entry will bring the popular technologies, care and warmth to the future vehicle owners in Australia, and Chery will shoulder the social responsibilities, so as to gain the true recognition from Australian users.


Source: Chery