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China holds first domestic ice and snow event in post-Winter Olympics era

The 2022 Chinese Curling League (Yichun) was held in Yichun City.

In 2022, China entered the post-Winter Olympics era. From November 13 to 19, the 2022 Chinese Curling League (Yichun) was held in Yichun City, northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province. It was the first ice and snow event held in China in the post-Olympic era, attracting more than 120 players from 24 teams from national training teams and 8 provincial-level regions.

Aiming at the 2026 Winter Olympics, the league will help test the training effect of players, select more talents, continuously promote the long-term development of Chinese curling, and improve the overall strength of domestic teams, according to the Information Office of Yichun Municipality.

In recent years, Yichun city has vigorously developed ice and snow sports and strived to become the “hometown of curling”. The city, famous for its forests and dinosaur fossils, is an important eco-tourism city in northern China. It is the largest forest city in China, with a forest cover rate as high as 84.7 percent, and has the largest and most intact primeval Korean pine forests. In the post-Winter Olympics period, Yichun will develop its curling economy based on green ecology and attract more people to participate in the sport by promoting curling culture.

Source: The Information Office of Yichun Municipality