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China-Laos railway drives faster development of Yunnan’s Yuxi

YUXI, China
Yuxi, Yunnan, China

On January 3, the China-Laos international freight train service had been put into operation for one month, sending 670,000 passenger trips and transporting 170,000 tons of goods, with the value exceeding 500 million yuan (about 78.5 million U.S. dollars).

Yuxi City in southwest China’s Yunnan Province has a 145-km-long section of the 1,035-kilometer China-Laos railway, with five stations crossing the city’s downtown, Yuxi, Eshan, Yanhe, Huanian and Yuanjiang.

As of December 23, 2021, the number of passenger trips passing Yuxi Station had exceeded 85,000. Since the first international freight transport train in Yuxi was sent from Yanhe Station on December 27th, more than 50 cargoes of cold chain transport goods had been sent, according to the Publicity Department of Yuxi City.

A ride on the China-Laos train offers a convenient way to experience the unique natural scenery and cultural customs along the Yuxi section. The Chengjiang fossil site, as the only fossil world heritage site in Asia, reveals the evolutionary history of Cambrian earth organisms and is regarded as one of the most amazing scientific discoveries of the 20th century. Ailao Mountains spans tropical and subtropical zones, and is listed by the United Nations as a Man and Biosphere Reserve for forest ecosystem positioning observation and international migratory bird protection. Yuxi, with its unique history and culture, will welcome tourists from all over the world with open arms.

Source: The Publicity Department of Yuxi City