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China Matters explored the World’s Largest Radio Telescope FAST

BEIJING, April 13

FAST, or the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope, is the largest radio telescope in the world. It is not only an achievement of Chinese astronomical science and technology, but marks an important step in the astronomical exploration of mankind.

Chinese scientist Nan Rendong first proposed the idea of building FAST in 1994. In the following 12 years, Nan and his team screened out 391 potential hollows in the mountains of Guizhou. Finally, they selected a unique site that was most suitable for the construction of FAST. This site is free from nearly any interference of human activity signals. And there are many sunken limestone caves which form a natural “sinkhole” that can support the astronomical equipment.

To improve the flexibility of the telescope, Chinese scientists independently developed an automatic reflector, which can adjust the cable net structure to enable FAST to automatically capture signals from outer space.

After FAST began operating in 2017, more and more scientists, from both China and abroad, have come to Guizhou. As a big fan of space exploration, British vlogger Oli Barrett set off on a trip to explore FAST. He was astonished by the massive radio telescope and touched by the story of Chinese scientist Nan Rendong who had devoted his whole life to the advancement of science.

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SOURCE:China Matters

Source: China Matters