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China Matters Explores the birthplace of Cantonese Culture


China is often talked about as having the biggest population in the world, with its economy as the headline grabber for most. But it’s also a country that is geographically, and culturally diverse. It’s almost like living in different spheres. There is an exceptional difference between the north and the south. Mandarin is not the only language spoken in China. Especially in the famous southern Guangdong province where most people speak Cantonese. And they follow a different palette of food whilst living in a much warmer climate, where there are no harsh winters like in the north. People, food and the spoken word from Guangdong come together to form what is known as Guangfu Culture, or Cantonese Culture in English. It is a part of trio of cultures alongside Chaoshan and Hakka cultures under the Guangdong culture.

Many people, including China Matter’s Josh, thought the culture came from places like Hong Kong and Macao but it actually originated from Guangdong’s Shaoguan city. This is the birthplace of Cantonese Culture.

To find out more, Josh goes back in time to understand the makeup of the culture and its origins. There are plenty of surprises in store as he visits Shaoguan’s Zhuji Ancient Town to find out why Cantonese culture’s birthplace is still relevant today?

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Li Siwei 

Source: China Matters

Source: China Matters