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China Matters Features the Story of World’s Biggest Guitar-Maker


Zheng’an is a small town located in southwest China’s Guizhou Province. Despite its small size, it has already become the world’s largest guitar-maker, with an industrial park of over 100 guitar-related companies and factories, producing 6 million guitars per year and exporting to over 30 countries and regions.

However, just 10 years ago, Zheng’an was still severely impoverished and its guitar industry was practically non-existent. Its severe lack of jobs left many locals with no choice but to leave home and seek employment elsewhere. But starting in 2013, Zheng’an has taken itself from zero industry to the world’s largest guitar manufacturer in less than a decade.

And this incredible transformation has brought massive changes to life here.

Jack from China Matters travels to Zheng’an to get a first-hand look at how this town is attracting so many companies? What new ideas are they seeing in production and what’s so unique about their handcrafted guitars?

And after becoming the world’s largest maker of guitars, how is it changing life in the town to the tune of guitars? Jack looks deeper into what makes the town special.

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Li Siwei

Source: China Matters

Source: China Matters