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China Matters presents ‘Zhongshan Efficiency’


What is ‘Zhongshan Efficiency’? In Zhongshan City of Guangdong Province, it takes only five minutes to change the legal representative on a business license. It takes only 10 minutes for the government to solve problems for enterprises on a breakfast meeting. It takes only 15 minutes for an enterprise to obtain all licenses required for construction.

Zhongshan, historically known as “Xiangshan”, is the hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. It is located on the southern coast of China, about an hour’s boat ride from Hong Kong.

Zhongshan is also reputed as a “home of overseas Chinese”. In the past, many Zhongshan people traveled abroad to make a living. After China’s opening up, these expatriates were the first to invest in their hometown, driving the rapid economic development of Zhongshan.

Zhongshan is one of the first cities in China to vigorously introduce foreign investment, hence its export-oriented economy. By continuously improving the quality of public services and accelerating the reform of the administrative approval system, Zhongshan creates a first-class business environment. The municipal government now handles the requirements and problems of enterprises with lighting efficiency. Zhongshan is indeed the hometown of Su Bingtian, the “Asian flying man”!

The animated video Why not Start a Business in Zhongshan, produced by China Matters animation team, focuses on the ‘Zhongshan Efficiency’ while showing the city’s sincerity in attracting investment with a favorable business environment.

Contact: Tan Jiaqing
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