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China (Shenyang) South Korea Week Provides a Broad Platform for Cooperation between Chinese and South Korean Enterprises

People are checking in during the China (Shenyang) South Korea Week.

The 2022 China (Shenyang) South Korea Week recently opened at the Shenyang New World Expo, attracting 197 South Korean companies, including CJ Group and LG Corporation, to participate in the exhibition, which promoted trade cooperation and built a broad platform for cooperation between Chinese and South Korean companies.

The exhibition area is more than 2,000 square meters with South Korean large enterprises exhibition area, automobile and life health industry thematic exhibition area, South Korean small and medium enterprises excellent products exhibition area, China-South Korea cooperation park exhibition area, cultural exchange experience area and other sections. The exhibits cover more than 600 kinds in 7 categories, including equipment manufacturing, high-end medical treatment, biopharming, scientific and technological innovation, life health, food deep processing, culture and entertainment, etc., according to the Information Office of Shenyang Municipality.

A separate B2B docking and negotiation area was set up at the event site, where many Chinese and South Korean enterprises negotiated with each other through a combining online and offline. “We are committed to building a high-end industrial park that combines cross-border e-commerce, live streaming e-commerce and supply chain management. The China (Shenyang) South Korea Week provides a good international cooperation platform for enterprises.”

According to Shao Hang, Deputy Director of Investment Promotion General Office of Shenyang Bureau of Commerce, during the China (Shenyang) South Korea Week, 167 South Korean enterprises and 108 Chinese enterprises participated in B2B talks, and the number of online and offline talks reached 120 times to show the cooperation and development achievements between Shenyang and South Korea in high-end manufacturing, life health, medical cosmetology and urban exchanges.

Source: The Information Office of Shenyang Municipality