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China’s Yunhong Group furthers global push on full biodegradation

WUXUE, China
China's Yunhong Group furthers global push on full biodegradation.

Recently, the economic representative office of Guinea-Bissau was unveiled in the pan-health industrial park of Yunhong Group in Wuxue City in central China's Hubei Province. The company and representatives of African countries reached a series of cooperation in full biodegradation.

A conference on green economy was also held, and attendees include former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin and a business delegation of French entrepreneurs.

Yunhong Group, a conglomerate headquartered in Wuxue City, has made a series of achievements in developing fully biodegradable materials based on scientific and technological innovation, continuous practice and exploration, according to Li Yubao, chairman of the group's board of directors.

Li said the group will continue to seek innovative, green and high-quality development, strengthen international cooperation on green economy, and jointly invest and set up factories in more countries to provide job opportunities and help improve local people's working and living environment.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin said that the fully biodegradable materials industry has inexhaustible market potential and development space.

Yunhong Group focuses on full biodegradation and has signed orders with a number of countries, fully reflecting the trustworthiness of related products, he observed.

He Jingren, chief expert with the company's Hubei Province identified enterprise technology center, introduced the industrialization background, product types, characteristics and market prospects of Yunhong's fully biodegradable materials, which shows that their popularization and application can provide a new direction and engine for promoting the global campaign of cutting plastic use.

China's pursuit of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality demonstrates its mission and responsibility as a responsible major country, which is of great significance and far-reaching impact, He said, adding that China's schedule to achieve carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060 marks the shortest time in global history to achieve the transition.

Yunhong Group's industrialization project of fully biodegradable materials conforms to the three industrial standards: biocompatibility, full biodegradation or controllable degradation, and industrialized continuous production.

The group has independently developed the project of the industrialization of plant-based fully degradable materials and tableware packaging products, and has rolled out over 60 products, covering catering, food, hygiene, materials and textiles, agricultural tourism and other fields.

This product takes the abundant natural starch and cellulose as raw materials, with its one-step direct molding technology effectively cutting production costs.

So far, Yunhong's core technology of the full biodegradation project has obtained four Chinese invention patents and one British invention patent authorization, and the U.S. patent is about to be audited.

Yunhong Group has worked with domestic leading industry associations to develop and release seven group standards on full biodegradation.The group's products have passed the German LFGB test and the EU CE test.

Source: Yunhong Group