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Clario and XingImaging expand partnership to deliver PET imaging clinical trials in China


Clario, a technology company that delivers the leading endpoint technology solutions for clinical trials, and XingImaging, a radiopharmaceutical production and positron emission tomography (PET) acquisition company, have expanded their partnership to deliver PET imaging clinical trials for testing novel therapeutics in China.

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Clario, formerly ERT and Bioclinica, and XingImaging joined forces in 2018 to support multi-center clinical trials requiring PET for eligibility and drug efficacy evaluation. PET imaging has supported novel studies for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other neurodegenerative diseases. A dedicated team of neuroscientists and project managers have led multiple trials in China to date.

The new expanded offering leverages the joint resources and neuroscience experts of Clario and XingImaging to expedite the startup of clinical trials and drug discovery in China, including amyloid, tau, and other targets.

“Broadening our scope of clinical trials to further support drug development in neuroscience presents a unique opportunity for both patients and clinical researchers,” says Joyce Suhy, PhD, SVP Medical Imaging at Clario. “Our continued partnership with XingImaging is advancing therapeutics in APAC.”

“XingImaging is proud to be working with Clario in providing PET imaging multi-center clinical trials,” says Gilles Tamagnan, CEO XingImaging, LLC. “Our partnership enables patients in China to participate in clinical trials testing novel neurodegenerative disease therapeutics.”

About Clario
Clario delivers the leading endpoint technology solutions for clinical trials. Through experience gained from over 19,000 clinical trials delivered in support of 870 regulatory approvals, Clario fuses scientific expertise and global scale into the broadest endpoint technology platform to enable pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device partners to transform lives. Through Trial Anywhere™, Clario has mastered the ability to generate rich evidence across all trial models: decentralized, hybrid and site-based clinical trials. With 30 facilities in nine countries across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, Clario’s global team of science, technology and operational experts has been delivering the richest clinical evidence for nearly 50 years.

About XingImaging LLC
XingImaging fills the distinctive clinical research role of a radiopharmaceutical production and PET acquisition CRO in the People’s Republic of China. Established in January 2018 with that goal, XingImaging is a recognized US based biomarker imaging company leading radiopharmaceutical imaging trials in China. With firmly-rooted study teams on the ground in China and the US, XingImaging works in collaboration with biotech and pharmaceutical companies for the testing and advancement of therapeutics through brain imaging.

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