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Crescendo Lab Officially Enters Japan Market, Aiming for 100 Clients Within 3 years

(Left) Crescendo Lab and (Right) Co-founder and CEO Jin

Crescendo Lab Ltd., Taiwan-based provider of LINE CRM Tool “MAAC”, has announced its official entry into the Japanese Market starting from 2022 Q3. The company aims to assist Japanese enterprises with executing OMO through “LINE”, and has begun active sales and employee recruitment this year.

Crescendo Lab, being the only tool developer awarded LINE Gold Tech Partner status from LINE Taiwan, is the provider of “MAAC”, a LINE CRM and marketing automation tool capable of data collection, analytics and marketing automation. With its high popularity, MAAC holds one of the highest tool market shares in Taiwan as of 2022. In present, over 500 brands are using MAAC to boost their marketing performance, including major brands such as IKEA, Rakuten, and Adidas.

Following Crescendo Lab’s success story in Taiwan, the company has set foot into overseas markets starting in 2022, and began with markets where LINE was similarly the go-to personal communication platform: Thailand and Japan. Crescendo Lab’s Thai office opened first and has already successfully acquired local clients, followed by the Japanese office, which aims to speed up its business and team expansion as well.

Crescendo Lab’s co-founder and CEO Jin quotes: “As third party cookies begin to diminish, we are predicting a surge in companies who will choose to use channels like LINE to collect first party data. So how can that problem be solved? Our product ‘MAAC’ enables brands to merge their online and offline user data and create more direct and customer-centric marketing campaigns. As customers become more willing to make a purchase due to the enhanced customer experience, brands gain more traffic. More traffic means more data for marketing optimization, creating a positive cycle for the OMO business model.

We have become the global company that holds offices in all three regions where LINE is predominately used: Taiwan, Thailand ,and Japan. Japan is entering a golden age for SaaS companies, and therefore we are more than thrilled to discover its vast potential market and provide local enterprises with our service.”

Crescendo Lab has set up its Japan office in Roppongi, Tokyo in August this year, and acquired its first local business developer. It is actively looking for talent to join the team, and aims to reach 100 clients by the end of 2025.

The company is also holding its first webinar in the market. The webinar, titled “Taiwan’s Leading LINE CRM ‘MAAC’ – Seminar No.1: How to cope with the upcoming messaging fee increase”, is to be held on 12/15 12:00 Tokyo Time, inviting speakers from LINE frontliner and well-known CDP provider Treasure Data. The event registration can be accessed here:

About Crescendo Lab

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Company Info: Provider of LINE CRM/MA Tool “MAAC”, LINE Customer Support Tool “CAAC”

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