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Criminal IP New Cybersecurity Search Engine launches first beta test

Criminal IP, a new cybersecurity search engine, will begin its first beta test on April 28, and is currently recruiting beta service testers.

AI Spera announced Criminal IP, a new cybersecurity platform, today. Criminal IP is a total Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) search engine intended to identify potential vulnerabilities that threatening companies or individuals’ IT assets. It also offers a new way to manage them comprehensively by allowing users to find results for malicious IP address, malicious domains, phishing sites, forged certificates, all IT assets, and other security related information immediately.

The company has been recruiting beta service testers and plans to operate beta service for three months from April 28. Testers pre-registering for beta service will be given a three-month free license after the official launch and if testers participate in the service survey, they can receive an additional one-month free license as a reward.

Criminal IP visualizes all IT assets connected to the Internet based on IP addresses held by companies and individuals as well as provides all possible information about domains in real time, including network logs, used programming technologies and security-related information, without having to directly access websites.

Users can prevent security problems in advance by searching for vulnerabilities in IT assets and identifying cyber attackers’ attack points for attack surface management purposes through Criminal IP data. In addition, everything that has happened to a particular IP address can be recorded like a criminal record to track malicious behavior of an IP address.

“Above all, this platform is the ultimate comprehensive solution that maximizes user’s convenience by providing all CTI information distributed by different solutions in one place,”said Byungtak Kang, founder at AI Spera.

Features and benefits of Criminal IP include:

– providing a wide range of cyber threat information, including malicious IPs, C&C domains, threat intelligence images and CVEs, etc., based on big data on 4.2 billion IP addresses and billions of domain addresses worldwide
– analyzing all possible details about domains including screenshots, whois information, used technologies, connected IP addresses, certificates, network logs as well as security-oriented features like possible malicious contents and replicated phishing domains with DGA (Domain Generation Algorithm) score
– searching and updating global IP addresses and domains in 24/7 to extract applications and services in use, and provide information on security vulnerabilities of IT assets to enable real-time automatic attack surface management
– offering straightforward search result based on a wide range of specific search filters so that users can conveniently access the right information they need

For more information on Criminal IP’s range of service and beta test, visit

About AI Spera: AI Spera is a fast-growing company in the field of cyber threat intelligence. Based on AI and Machine Learning technology, the company focuses on detection of anomalies and data-oriented security solutions. The company supports as many corporates, security developers and researchers as possible to view the attack surface through the eyes of an attacker and provide various AI-based intelligence security solutions across industries including online games, financial, security and national institutions.

SOURCE: AI Spera Inc.