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‘Cultural Capital of East Asia — Park City with Snowy Mountain Skyline’ Exhibition Opens in Tokyo

Chinese and Japanese guests cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony

A news report by GoChengdu:

On the afternoon of August 18th, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcast-TV and Tourism, Chengdu Media Group and Chengdu International Communications Corporation co-hosted the “Cultural Capital of East Asia — Park City with Snowy Mountain Skyline” Chengdu Cultural Tourism Video Exhibition (Tokyo Station) at the Art Museum of the Japan-China Friendship Center in Tokyo.The event was strongly supported by the Department of Culture of the Chinese Embassy in Japan.

Let the world get to know Chengdu

‘The exhibition will be a valuable opportunity for Japanese people to learn about Chengdu’

To let more Japanese people feel the unique beauty of Chengdu — a park city with snowy mountain skyline, this video exhibition presents 50 photographic works by 15 photographers in Chengdu. Through three relatively independent and intersecting exhibition zones, Japanese friends can see a beautiful and livable city that people all over the world yearn for, and at the same time, it also opens a new window for the world to perceive and understand Chengdu.

“Chengdu, known as the ‘land of abundance’, with more than 4,500 years of civilization and 2,300 years of city-building history, is the capital of Sichuan Province, the financial center of western China, a famous historical and cultural city, the birthplace of ancient Shu civilization, a ‘City of Gastronomy’ designated by UNESCO, and a popular tourist destination for global visitors.” At the opening ceremony, Ouyang An, director of China National Tourist Administration Tokyo Office said that Chengdu is the top three of the most popular Chinese tourism destinations in Japan, and Chengdu people are also quite fond of traveling to Japan.”At the beginning of this year, Chengdu was successfully elected as the 2023 Cultural Capital of East Asia. All the leaders and guests present today and Japanese friends are welcome in Chengdu. Let’s taste traditional Chengdu tea, wine and food together, watch Sichuan Opera and experience Chengdu’s comfortable lifestyle.”

“On behalf of the Japan-China Friendship Center, I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, for being selected as the ‘Cultural Capital of East Asia’ and for holding the Chengdu Cultural Tourism Video Exhibition.” Masashi Ogawa, chairman of the Japan-China Friendship Center, said in his speech that Chengdu is a beautiful city with a long history and rich cultural heritage. It is not only the center of the ancient Shu state in the era of the Three Kingdoms, but also the home of giant pandas and the spicy and numbing Sichuan cuisine represented by Mapo Tofu. Now visitors have an opportunity to appreciate Chengdu, a charming city at the foot of 5,000-meter snow-capped mountains, in a different way. This exhibition sponsored by Chengdu Media Group will be a valuable opportunity for Japanese people to get to know Chengdu in depth.

“Chengdu can be described as a city with splendid views, delicious food and unique music art.” Cheng Bo, a Chinese artist in Japan who was commended by the Minister for Foreign Affairs (Japan) and the chairman of China Culture and Art Center, said in his speech that Chengdu is a beautiful city. Mr. Cheng Bo improvised a Sichuan folk song — “When Will the Sophora Flowers Bloom” to express his good wishes for the opening of this exhibition.

Share a cultural feast of ‘Bashu civilization’

Walk into Chengdu in geographical distance between snowy mountains and city

At this video exhibition, the wonderful works of “Chengdu Super Photographers” appear one by one, With the theme of the city and snow-capped mountains, photographers vividly show the harmony between humans and the nature, the beautiful city scenery, the spirit of Chengdu people and the incomparable love of people for the city.

At the opening ceremony, a number of programs themed on Bashu culture were staged in turn, which not only was added to the glory of this exhibition but also presented a unique audio-visual feast for the audience.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Cultural Capital of East Asia. In addition to the video exhibition, this event will also hold cultural lectures and Chengdu food experience activities.

This video exhibition was held on August 18th and will end on August 29th. Welcome all Japanese people to visit.

Source: GoChengdu