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Cyclobenzaprine: Positive Opinion from EMA in Rapid Scientific Advice Procedure as a Possible Anti-Covid-19 Therapy

MILAN, March 22

M-Squared Consulting, a consultancy company for life sciences companies in the management of pharmaceutical contracts, has received a first positive signal from EMA’s Pandemic Task Force in the Rapid Scientific Advice1 procedure for potential treatments for Covid-19 in the repositioning project for cyclobenzaprine, a drug for the treatment of acute musculoskeletal conditions.

Cyclobenzaprine, based on preclinical scientific evidence, has been shown to inhibit viral replication by interfering in at least two steps of the infection process – entry and replication – and to represent a novel therapeutic solution for the treatment of Covid-19.

The mechanism of action intervenes in the infection process and the molecule has the ability to reach the central nervous system, allowing the development of an effective therapy for Neuro-Covid symptoms, whose efficacy against variants will have to be verified.

“EMA’s support is a milestone for the project, a milestone that marks a fundamental starting point” says Manuel Bellasi, CEO of m-Squared -. We will now continue with the research and development of what could be one of the most promising treatments for Covid-19”.

1. COVID-19 treatments that have received EMA advice

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