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Dable expands into Australia by appointing Country Manager Jaedo Ryu for ANZ

Jaedo Ryu, Country Manager at Dable Australia

Dable(, the global content discovery and native advertising platform has announced the appointment of a Country Manager to expand into Australia.

Dable has kicked off its global expansion in Australia by appointing Jaedo Ryu as the Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) who bring over 20 years of experience in the ad-tech and media industry. In his new role, Ryu is responsible for developing and executing market expansion strategies in Australia as well as promoting the adoption and optimal usage of Dable’s personalized content recommendation and native ad solution for both advertisers and publishers.

Jaedo Ryu, Country Manager for Dable ANZ has previously worked as the Regional Sales Manager at ftrack – a project management, production tracking and media review platform for the Asia Pacific including Australia, where he managed the whole sales process, exceeding sales targets and marketing goals. Prior to ftrack, Ryu has also worked at well-known ad-tech companies such as Yahoo, AOL, and Leadbolt where he worked closely with local advertisers and ad agencies helping them to achieve campaign goals and strategically grow their business.

“Learning from Dable’s success in other APAC markets, I am confident that we can also bring positive value in the Australian market. I hope to contribute to our clients’ performance, based on my past experiences managing the ANZ region from industry top companies as well as expertise in business development. I look forward to helping Australian and New Zealand publishers and marketers grow their businesses in a global scheme through Dable’s content discovery and native ad platform”, said Ryu.

“We are thrilled to have Ryu join our team and lead Dable’s expansion in the Australian market. We’ve had numerous experiences working with major publishers in Asia and now it is time for Dable to enter a bigger market in the global scope. Our goal is to strengthen the connection between Australia and other APAC countries.” said Chaehyun Lee, Dable’s CEO.

Headquartered in South Korea, Dable is a media-tech company that recommends personalized content and ads that visitors may find interesting by analyzing their interest through world-class big data processing and personalization technology. Partnered with over 3,000 premium media sites across 11 markets in the APAC region, Dable is currently positioned as the No.1 content discovery platform in Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. In addition, Dable also has, arguably, the largest Native Ad Exchange in Asia that secures 28 billion monthly impressions by itself. It also serves high-quality ads through the native ad exchange by linking with other ad exchanges such as Google Ad Exchange and MSN Ad Exchange.

About Dable  

Dable is the world’s leading content discovery and native advertising platform. Dable analyzes the interests of website visitors by using world-class big data processing and personalization technologies. It recommends personalized content and ads that visitors may find interesting. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Seoul, Dable is partnered with over 3,000 premium media worldwide including South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and China. For more detailed information about Dable, visit


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