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Dani Ziv, Plasan’s CEO is retiring after 36 years at Plasan


Plasan Sasa Ltd. (“Plasan”) [ ] announced today that Dani Ziv, founder, business developer, and CEO for 36 years is retiring from his role at Plasan Sasa.

The Board of Directors, headed by ret. General Udi Shani, gives thanks, appreciation, respect, and recognition of his achievements including projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars, which are exceptional in the field of armor and protection.

Moshe Elazar, currently CEO of Aeronautics, will replace Dani. The new CEO will enter his role over the coming months.

Plasan is a global company operating in the area of survivability for land, air and naval platforms for the defense market. The company specialized in development and supply of passive armor technology and solutions for a wide range of wheeled and tracked combat vehicles. The company also focuses on advanced technologies for land maneuvering operations, including unmanned ground vehicles and robotics solutions.

The company has designed more than 400 armored hulls, and delivered more than 35,000 combat armor solutions to armed forces and security organizations worldwide. Plasan offers full design, development, integration, testing and delivery under one roof.

Plasan’s solutions are fitted into the most advanced platforms in the world such as the M-ATV, JLTV, HAWKEI, LAV 6, PIRANHA 4-5, REDBACK and more.
In recent years, Plasan has entered the field of unmanned ground vehicles and maneuvering robotics solutions, Innovators and advanced such as the ultra-light and protected WILDER [ ] vehicle that breaks the paradigm in which one has to choose what will come at the expense of the other – maneuverability and firepower versus protection.

In addition, the unique ATeMM [ ] platform, a maneuverable robotic system for a variety of uses on the future battlefield.

Meirav Ofir, Marcom

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Source: Plasan Sasa Ltd.