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DEC Showcased at Vietnam ETE & ENERTEC Expo


On July 19, the 16th International Exhibition on Electrical Technology & Equipment (Vietnam ETE 2023), along with the 13th International Exhibition on Products, Technologies of Energy Saving & Green power (Enertec Expo 2023) opened at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC). Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) was invited to attend, and participated in this gathering of a group of more than 350 other enterprises in industries related to energy from around the globe.

Hosted and organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, it is a professional convention for the energy and electricity industrial chains that has garnered the genuine interest of various nations and regions of the ASEAN bloc. With the momentous 10th anniversary of the proposal of the Belt and Road Initiative just over the horizon, this session of the ETE and Enertec Expo is marked by extraordinary significance. Zhang Yanjun, Vice General Manager of DEC, was the only representative of Chinese enterprises to partake in the ribbon-cutting ceremony during the opening of the event.

At the convention, DEC showcased technologies, products and solutions spanning a wide breadth of fields from hydrogen energy, nuclear energy, pumped storage hydropower and heavy-duty gas turbine, to large-capacity offshore wind energy, solar energy and photovoltaics. Attending guests remarked that technologies, products and engineering projects are impressive and memorable, widely lauding the prowess of DEC in the energy sector.

Dongfang Electric Corporation is one of the world's largest energy equipment manufacturers. Having provided full sets of equipment and general contracting services to more than a hundred countries and regions around the globe, DEC has been featured on the ENR list of the world's 250 biggest international engineering contractors since 1994.

Vietnam is one of the most robust and promising economies in Southeast Asia, and also one of the key overseas markets of the Dongfang Electric Corporation. For nearly two decades, DEC has extensively participated in the growth of hydropower, wind energy, solar power and other renewable energies in Vietnam, having constructed a cumulative total of 37 renewable power plants, and provided over a hundred generator sets of all sorts, with installed capacity of DEC hydroelectricity generators accounting for over 12.6% of total in Vietnam.

Renewable power plants under construction and in operation at present can help Vietnam slash 3.3 million tons of standard coal, reduce nine million tons of carbon dioxide emission, and decrease 2,700 tons of sulfides discharged each year, contributing immensely to Vietnam's carbon-neutral goals and its transition toward becoming a greener and more low-carbon society.

Source: Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC)

Source: Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC)