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Dedicated to Craft: Stories with Toshiba TV


At the crossroads of tradition and innovation, some not only record history, but craft the future. Looking back to the moment its first screen blinked into life, innovation has always been in Toshiba TV’s DNA, together with a commitment to authenticity. To share more about the values underpinning this dedication, and to showcase the spirit of craftsmanship in all walks of life, Toshiba TV is launching #BeRealCraftsmanship.

The campaign features three world-class craftsmen. Despite from different backgrounds, they share the same commitment to stunning aesthetics, innovation, and responsible craftsmanship that the brand has, over the decades, stood by firmly.

These are their stories with Toshiba TV.

Design: Shuhei Aoyama

Master of different architectural styles, Shuhei Aoyama understands the appeal of naturalness in design.

Profoundly influenced by Japanese aesthetics and culture, beautiful things, Aoyama thinks, “are always simple”. And no matter how complex the underlying technology is, like Toshiba TV, he believes that minimalism can always bring out the best potentials.

Visual: Giuseppe Tino

For Italian chef Giuseppe Tino, cooking is an art. He believes that a good dish, on top of being visually beautiful, has to be creative.

For the same reasons behind Toshiba TV’s uncompromising push to innovate, it is by applying technology to the service of creativity that the Italian chef, over and again, immerses his diners in pleasantly surprising yet unforgettable experiences.

Sound: Lianjun Yu

Carrying a 7,000-year legacy, official inheritor of ancient Chinese instrument Xun, Lianjun Yu, knows his responsibility.

To Yu, the secret to Xun’s transcendental sound lies in the craft. In a nod to Toshiba TV’s dedication to Takumi, the maestro concedes that it is precisely the authenticity of this ancient craft – timeless, priceless, that constitutes our “inescapable responsibility”.

Change uproots, yet change inspires. In today’s changing world, Toshiba TV still crafts on, steadfast, true to its essence. Dedication to authenticity, to Toshiba TV, means #BeRealCraftsmanship.

For more on the campaign or the brand’s latest products that deliver the most brilliant cinematic experiences, stay tuned to Toshiba TV on social media, and do join in as the journey between tradition and innovation, history and technology continues.

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Source: Toshiba TV