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DeepBrain AI, newly revealing its AI Kiosks, was spotlighted by the world stage at CES, and continues the journey by exhibiting at NRF 2022.

Concept image of an AI Clerk greeting a customer in an off-line store.

For this year’s NRF, DeepBrain AI will be showing how AI Humans can be adopted in commerce. Many innovative changes are being made and one of them is unmanned stores. But there are some downsides to it. Customers can feel uncomfortable in environments like this. DeepBrain AI will be providing new solutions using AI Human. For example, AI Human as a shop assistant can make the shopping experience more natural for customers and guide them through the shopping and payment processes.

In addition to convenience stores, DeepBrain AI is providing AI human solution to other shops and restaurants. “I’m convinced that this movement will continue to grow, and the adoption of AI technology will also continue to accelerate.” said Eric Jang, CEO of DeepBrain AI.

DeepBrain AI recently exhibited in the world’s biggest tech show held in Las Vegas. CES 2022 ran from January 5-7 and showcased the hottest new products from around the world.

Undoubtably, AI Human solution from DeepBrain AI was one of them. Its SaaS platform “AI Studios” winning the CES Innovation Awards Honoree, DeepBrain AI’s booth was filled with visitors and journalists wanting to try out the showcased solutions. Following the CES, DeepBrain AI will be showcasing their AI Human solution at NRF 2022 held in Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from the 16th.

CONTACT: John Son,
source:DeepBrain AI