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Delicacy of Mengyin, Shandong – Chunshugou Pancake


MENGYIN, China, Mar. 19, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

Chunshugou Pancake, a traditional local delicacy in Mengyin, Shandong Province, has evolved from a staple food made by rural households to a sought-after commodity in the market due to the advancement of the market economy.

Crafted using traditional production techniques and scientific formulations, these pancakes are primarily made from high-quality millet, complemented by ingredients such as soybeans, sesame, peanuts, walnuts, chestnuts, and dates. Offering six main series and fifteen varieties, including pure millet, sorghum, buckwheat, black sesame, vegetable, and fruit pancakes, each variety is free from additives. The golden corn pancakes boast a crispy sweetness, while the soft and delicate sweet potato pancakes evoke a sense of nostalgia. The millet pancakes, with their millet-yellow hue, retain the fragrant essence of millet and offer a soft, cohesive texture with high nutritional value. The gray-white buckwheat pancakes, being sugar-free, are hailed in the medical community as a specialized food for diabetic patients, aiding in blood sugar control. Lastly, the gray-yellow fruit pancakes exude the delightful aroma of fruits and are rich in various vitamins.

Chunshugou, the birthplace of Shandong pancakes, is a small village nestled deep in the Wanghailou with only 16 households and 54 residents. Generations of villagers have lived amidst the pristine landscapes of Mengshan, cultivating a reputation for simplicity, kindness, and hospitality. The village preserves many primitive traditional practices, including grinding, milling, and pancake baking. Since its feature on CCTV’s “A Bite of China 2” in 2014, Chunshugou Pancakes have garnered significant attention domestically and internationally, sparking interest in rural leisure tourism centered around Chunshugou delicacies. Today, Chunshugou has ascended to the status of a national AAA-level scenic area.