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DeRUCCI Launches Flagship New Product in New York City

Social media influencers trying out the new Century Dream

De Rucci Healthy Sleep Co., Ltd. (001323.SZ), the top-tier premium mattress brand of China, is proud to announce the release of its flagship new product, Century Dream, in New York City.

As people around the world increasingly prioritize their wellbeing and seek to strengthen their immune systems, it has become evident that sleep is a critical component in reaching optimal health. The quality of sleep is not only a medical concern but also a social issue. Mattresses play a critical role in the quality of one’s sleep and, ultimately, their overall health.

As the global mattress market continues to grow, China has emerged as the second-largest market in the world, with an amazing rising trend in demand.

DeRUCCI’s flagship new product is intended to take the sleeping experience to new heights of elegance and pleasure. The company’s in-depth analysis of the younger generations’ sleep requirements led to the development of this cutting-edge mattress, which incorporates advanced technologies that significantly enhance sleep quality.

Phenomenal success over the years has resulted in the company expanding its global reach, with over 5,500 stores in 16 countries and regions around the world. As the brand continues to expand, it has faced fierce competition from local brands. Nevertheless, DeRUCCI has kept its own way of high-end strategy priced over the local brands, earning the trust of customers both in domestic market and in numerous global hubs, including Sydney, Vancouver, etc.

DeRUCCI’s success can be attributed to its long vision in building a global brand and technological innovation from international experts, which has resonated with consumers worldwide. The company’s rapid business scale and profitability have established a model for the worldwide sleep industry, establishing it as a market leader.

Source: De Rucci Healthy Sleep Co., Ltd.

Source: De Rucci Healthy Sleep Co., Ltd.