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DFI and AEWIN Partner to Empower Software Virtualization Technology Through AMD Platform Ultra-small Products


DFI, the world’s leading brand in embedded motherboards and industrial computers, was invited to participate in “AMD Datacenter Solutions Day” in September, based on the theme of high-performance computing (HPC). As the first in the world to launch the smallest industrial motherboard equipped with AMD products, DFI partnered with its subsidiary, AEWIN, to present their star products and share how ultra-small products can help the trend of software virtualization technologies in the forum. We hope to optimize the development of diverse services in IoT applications.

AMD invited industry giants to the event to discuss the future of high-performance computing and conduct in-depth discussions with their partners related to high-performance computing, cloud computing, and AI. DFI was a speaker in the digital learning AI session during the event. DFI shared their views on software-defined IoT and explained the role of ultra-small products in the application environment.

DFI stated that as cloud services continue to develop, the mainstream technology of modern data centers, containerization, has been extended to IoT edge devices and has driven the integration of edge computing workloads. Ultra-small products can create several virtual platforms and integrate applications through the software. In addition to optimizing operations, it can also reduce the cost of connecting to the cloud and improve yield and efficiency.

Due to the high-performance computing power of AMD CPUs, the DFI ultra-small products on display in the booth, GHF51 and EC90A-GH fan-less embedded systems, and the AEWIN SCB-1937C edge server, designed for intelligent applications, can reduce infrastructure requirements and optimize existing resources. They can also provide a highly flexible and scalable platform to meet different workload needs, simplifying the complexities of industrial automation.

Factory automation, in-vehicle applications, and smart healthcare are the three main focuses of DFI. Under the wave of new infrastructure projects, DFI will collaborate with IoT and automation partners to help companies overcome the challenges of virtualization, containerization, microservices, edge computing, hybrid cloud management, heterogeneous IT environments, and artificial intelligence. DFI hopes to become “the best partner for corporate intelligent OT” and will continue to innovate and develop innovative technologies with AMD for the future of high-performance computing. DFI will enhance software virtualization technologies through ultra-small products to meet corporate needs.

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Source: DFI Inc.