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“Distinctive Fuqing”, an urban human-centered documentary released

Hightlights of "Distinctive Fuqing"

On October 2, Fuqing’s human-centered documentary “Distinctive Fuqing” was released, according to Fuqing District Convergence Media Center.

“Distinctive Fuqing” is a documentary presenting Fuqing’s history, folk customs, overseas Chinese culture, delicious local food, industrial development, and others.

“Breathtaking mountain landscape in Yongfu (present-day Yongtai County), crystal clear waters in Qingyuan (present-day Putian City)…” A classic poem representing prosperity makes Fuqing, a coastal city in Fujian, known around the world. Thousands of years nourish Fuqing’s heritages and characters. Here, a surge of development in this new era cultivates Fuqing’s spirit.

“Distinctive Fuqing” displays the magnificent city scenes and great stories of Fuqing. Each frame, every elaborate shot in this documentary perfectly captures distinctive Fuqing.

Source: Fuqing District Convergence Media Center

Source: Fuqing District Convergence Media Center