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Dobot Brought Collaborative Robots Into Japanese Motorsports For the First Time


April 15th was the official start day of the popular SUPER GT 2023 Series. The first qualifying round was held at the Okayama International Circuit. Dobot Robotics made an appearance as a leading partner of the competing team Team LeMans. The DOBOT Audi R8 LMS race car competed in race. This was a new attempt to introduce the Dobot brand to the Japanese motorsports industry, marking the first step of the Japanese automotive industry towards the AI era.

The product painted on the DOBOT Audi R8 LMS is the DOBOT CR series robot which specializes in industrial sector automation. The series has a range of payloads from 3 to 20 kg, applicable in the manufacturing process across industries including automotive parts, semiconductors, new energy and logistics. To date, there are near 70,000 Dobot robots being used around the world.

In Team LeMans’ pit area, a CR5 robot cheered for the racers. Flags and race queen outfits printed with Dobot branding were on the scene, bringing together automation technology and the motorsports race.

In Team LeMans’ area, three MG400 “danced” to welcome visitors while two Dobot robots provided automated coffee service to guests, mimicking the human arm motion to replicate barista’s latte art skills. A cup of freshly ground latte coffee can be made in a minute. In addition to the Okayama International Circuit, the Dobot robot coffee machine will also be on-site at the Fuji International Speedway and Suzuka Circuit races.

Dobot robots are used in automotive production lines in Germany, US, Japan and China, in application scenarios such as car light assembly, parts polishing and quality check. They are safe, flexible and are easily deployed, perfect for small-batched, varied and complex manufacturing that require high precision.

Dobot Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of Dobot, was officially opened recently on April 12th to handle the steadily increasing demand from the region. Dobot is well positioned to better serve business partners in the Japan region.

Collaborative robots are seeing increasing adoption. As a leading company on this front, Dobot takes on the challenge to automate smarter and more efficient. By being involved in the Super GT, Dobot hopes to bring a new generation of automation solutions to the performance automotive scene. Together with the racing teams, push the world towards a brighter future.

Source: Dobot Robotics